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home auctionSelling your home can be stressful. It can take months of waiting to find an interested buyer, conceding to terms that aren’t favorable or force you to make costly improvements. But when you sell your home at auction, you can skip that and simplify the sale, making it faster for you to see the money.

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So Many Advantages to Home Auctions

With a specialized auction, you can sell your home in just a day! Bring together people really interested in making a purchase and get a cash down payment the same day as the auction! But that’s not all.

Biggest Benefits:

  • Stay in control
  • Meet who’s buying
  • Dedicated buyers gathered together
  • A set date of sale
  • Cash down payment
  • No commission to pay
  • Sell as is

Choose William Kent Inc

To help with your home auction, choose the experienced professionals at William Kent Inc. We have decades of experience that have made us a reliable and trustworthy name in the industry. We know the industry and are able to provide everything necessary for a successful auction, from advertisement to sound equipment down to chairs and tents.

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Contact William Kent Inc. today to start selling your home! We’ll help schedule an auction in Western or Central New York.

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