Sell Your Home As Is

Using an Auction to Sell Your New York House

sell home as is with auctionMake selling your house easier by selling it at auction with help from the team at William Kent Inc. Avoid making costly repairs to a home you’re just going to leave by selling it at auction.

With a real estate auction, you can sell your home without making any changes – from something as simple as a new coat of paint to more extensive repairs like putting on a new roof.

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How Real Estate Auctions Work

Home auctions are places where you can buy and sell various property types on a specific day. Bidders or prospective buyers gather together on auction day, placing bids, determined to buy your home in its current condition. In a competitive environment, bids rise, leading to a higher sale price.

With over 40 years of experience, we know auctions. We’ll supply all the equipment necessary to hold a successful property auction on the day. In advance, some advertising will be done to attract buyers. From there, the auction begins and your home will be sold, and you’ll get the benefits.

Other Benefits of Selling Your Home at Auction:

  • Property is sold subject to approval
  • Advertising exposure
  • Meet potential buyers
  • Complete control over the purchase offer
  • Set a time frame
  • Get a cash deposit
  • Skip the realtor fees

Learn how you can sell your home as is today by contacting the William Kent team.

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