Sells Regardless of Price to High Bidder

Selling Onsite with Live Webcast Bidding

Wednesday, November 20th at 10 am ET

This asset consists of two parcels on opposite sides of Lake Avenue, selling together.

Parcel B consist of a Two story, 7,409+-sf masonry building at 12001 E.Main St. and is on 0.1093+-acres. Tax PID- 75117-16-840356

(Parcel A) consist of a single-story, 518+-sf masonry building at 6055 Lake Ave and is on 0.1734+-Acres.  A total of 2 parking spaces are available. The Phase 1 assessment recommended that,due to historical use of the building as a millinery(1885-1920) and a dry-cleaning facility in 1951, a  Phase 2 should be conducted. The Phase 2 concluded that no further investigation was recommended. This property is sold subject to a 30 day right of first refusal.

Address:  12001 East Main Street & 6055 Lake Avenue, Wolcott, NY 14590

Local Contact: David Kent or [email protected]




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