Friday  March 29, 2013 at 10:00 AM 

NOTE: Date in the print advertising was incorrect.  Auction is Friday March 29 NOT March 22!

Arcade, NY

Located on Route 39 approximately 5 miles east of Arcade and 1 mile west of Eagle.

Auction to be held approximately 5 1/2 miles East of Arcade and 4 miles West of Bliss.

SELLING: CATTLE: 65 cows, 15 Bred Heifers, 10 open heifers & calves! All AI bred! 25,238 milk 870 fat 760 protein. This is a top herd of tie stall and freestall trained Holsteins. Registered and Hi-Grade cows sell. Currently averaging 80 lbs for the tester!! No BST and no TMR! Just big deep bodied cows with good udders and a will to milk. Big, strong heifers that will work!  Vaccinated with MasterGuard, wormed with Cydectin, & Vet checked for pregnancies; Featuring Advent daughter, Dam: 2E91 30,490  1288, 2nd Dam: Stookey Elm Park Blackrose, E96, GMD DOM, All-American JR 3Y cow, Reserve All-American 5Y cow, 1st International Dry Aged cow, 1st International Jr 3Y cow, 1st International 5Y cow!


MILKING & BARN EQUIPMENT: Mueller 1600 gallon tank, serial# 4406DA-OOG, w/ 2 compressors & Sentry II wash system; Delaval 2" pipeline w/ 500' of clamped line, 6 units; Delaval 78 vacuum pump w/ variable speed (3 phase); Mueller D-80 Freheater; Weaverline 525 stainless electric feed cart w/ charger; Agrimetal bedding chopper w/ Honda engine; 20' Patz silage conveyor; pail milker and misc.


PRODUCE: Approximately 240 tons of 2012 corn silage in bunk silo; approx. 200 bales of straw, 60-70 lbs;

SEMEN: (2) Russell; (2) Atwood; (1) Ernest-sexed; (3) Hero; (2) September Storm; (3) Oman; (5) Redline; (3) Shadow; (3) Million; (5) Bolton; (8) Atwood-sexed; (8) Norwegian Red; (230) Larry;

TERMS: Cash, Check, MasterCard or Visa. Nothing to be removed until settled for. Out of state buyers must bring a bank letter of credit made out to William Kent, Inc. All items sold "AS IS".