We are offering approximately 725 acres of certified organic land with mineral rights at this auction!  Property sells at a multi-parcel auction in individual parcels and combination.  Property includes tillable land, woods, and a dairy complex with two houses plus mobile home. 

Home Farm

The Home Farm is comprised of 6 parcels located on the both sides of Dry Brook Road and the south side of Wheelock Road. Dry Brook Creek runs through the property. On the home farm there are 2 houses and a mobile home.

This is the location of the Dairy operation with the original barn, attached 20 stall side-by-side milking parlor, Milk house and large attached free stall housing facility with a drive through feed alley bisecting the free stall area. Alleys terminate at the manure handling area for convenient removal.

To the north of the main barn complex you will find 2 new Amish Built structures, a Machinery Building and a Calf Barn which were constructed in 2011 after we lost previous buildings to snow load.

The older free stall barn is located to the south of the main cow barn. Lanes have been constructed from the free stall barns to a large array of well maintained pasture paddocks.

Kimvale Farm Farm houseThe main farm house sits near to the barns. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large new kitchen, dining room, living room with working fire place, an office area on the 1st floor, full basement, attic, storage room and an attached garage.

The smaller of the 2 houses sits nearby. It has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining area, basement and garage.

There is also a mobile home situated on the property north of the calf barn.

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South of the Home Farm

These 6 parcel - Parcels 7-12 are primarily gently sloping hill land used for crop production and a fair amount of forest.

Parcels 7 and 9 have access to Dry Brook Road. Parcel 12 has a large field and overlooks I-86 and the valley beyond.

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Around Cargill Plant

These 3 parcels 13-15 virtually surround the Cargill plant which is on Poland Center Road. This is prime agricultural land with flat well drained gravel ground.

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South of I-86

This section of the farm we refer to as the Boe Farm. This has 7 Parcels 16-22 and is located between Poland Center Road and Route 394. It has access to both Poland Center road (Parcels 18-22) and Route 394 (Parcels 16 & 17). This area is mixed use with some large crop areas, but is also home to a wide array of wildlife. There is a access point to the Conewango Creek on parcel 18. This land follows the course of the Conewango up to I-86.

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East Farms Aerial

The 7 parcels in this grouping, Parcels 23-30 , located on the east side of Kennedy,are currently used almost exclusively for growing crops. Some parcels however have potential for development. In particular parcel 26 which sits on the corner of Route 394/62 and Route 62. This is a major route through the area and the parcel is large enough for a substantial commercial development. Parcel 27 would make a nice house lot also.

One field is accessed off of Ellington street. Parcel 24 which is accessed off of Route 394 is bordered on one side by the Conewango Creek.


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